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See examples of recommendations & modifications that can be made to improve the livability, comfort & safety in your home. 

Hover over the photos below 

Each home and individual's needs are unique. These are simple examples of hundreds of improvements that can be made to the built-environment. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are multiple items in each photo that can be improved.

francesca-tosolini-XcVm8mn7NUM-unsplash .jpg


The Door Handle

  • Replace the current door handle with a lever-style

Bathroom Unsplash Tiny.jpg


The Shower Door & Towel Bar

  • Shower door needs to swing out

  • Replace with decorative towel/grab bar

Bedroom Pexels Tiny.jpg


Tripping Hazards: Fabric & Rugs

  • Remove or replace rug for low pile option

  • Your foot could be caught in the draping fabric

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